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Get Your DOT Physical Exam The Easy Way

You’re just 3 easy steps away from getting your CDL medical card.

STEP 1:  Schedule Your Appointment
– Photo ID required at check-in

STEP 2:  Get Your DOT Physical in Washington DC
– Before your Washington DC DOT exam you can print the DOT Medical Form and fill out sections #1 and #2 for a faster appointment
– Your DOT Physical Exam will include:  Health history, a thorough physical exam, a urine test

STEP 3:  We will complete all necessary DOT medical reports & forms for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  When you pass all DOT physical exam requirements you will be cleared to receive your CDL Medical Card.

Don’t let your DOT medical card expire.

Washington DC dot physical exam doctor

Our DOT Physical Exam Doctor Is Looking Forward To Meeting You!

Your Washington DC DOT Exam doctor can answer any questions you may have regarding the CDL and DOT Medical Card Requirements.  Call us today at (202) 470-2112.




Washington DC DOT Physical Exam Locations
Washington DC DOT Physical Doctor
Washington DC Certified Medical Examiner for DOT Physical Exam

CDL Medical Card High Blood Pressure
DOT Physical Exam – Diabetes
CDL Medical Card – Sleep Apnea
DOT Physical Exam – Urine Test
CDL Medical Card – Hearing Loss
DOT Physical Exam – Vision Requirements

DOT Medical Card | DOT Physical Exam | CDL Medical Card | CDL Physical Exam

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